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Today, May 23, 2024, will be a day I will never be able to forget.  It is the day that the sweetest boy I ever knew passed on to Rainbow Bridge.  He is gone.  Approximately 2:30 pm Tango took his last breath.


I comforted him until the end, and I cried like a baby, 

He was a brave boy but it was clear to me things had gotten worse and sure enough the color in his eyes turned yellowish which reminded me of Nikki, who had yellow eyes when she died.  Apparently since his exam last Friday, Tango must have had organs beginning to fail.  Most probably his liver.

I knew when I saw him this morning that his time was probably up and was so lucky that my Vet could see us and lucky that the wonderful LiLi was available to take us there. 

Tango was really having difficulty getting up and walking and was in pain. I told him I would not let him suffer anymore.  The only thing, in true Friedman fashion, that he wanted was Zuke's mini treats, and water.

He died very peacefully as I stroked him and told him how much I loved him and went over the fun we had.  And we did have fun.  Sometimes it was zoomies and sometimes it was conversations where he would respond to me with facial expressions and actions that I understood.  Because I retired while he was here he got more time with me than any other dog and so we were very attached.

In fact, as LiLi walked him into the hospital today, he turned around, looking for me,as I hobbled on in with my walker. He loved me.  That alone gave me the greatest joy of my life.  My dog loved me. Maybe all my dogs loved me, but Tango was a special boy.

I will miss him so much.  My entire habitual behaviors will slowly change.  I never thought this day would come even though I knew it would.

My Vet, Dr. Hall, and Tango's original and most loving  cousin vet, Stacey, were so good to me.  They went above and beyond.  Writing me and helping guide me.

I will miss Tango Eliott. I will cry for him.  But I will always love him.

The house is so quiet.  


Yvonne Marquez
May 26

I am so sorry for your loss. He fought hard to the end may he have lots of fun over the rainbow bridge.



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