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Words do not flow easy within me,

My vocabulary isn’t that vast.

My heart is full of these feelings.

My mind is set deep in the past.

My boy was one of the answers.

His presence was all I would need.

My love for him grew greater each moment ,

And now I wish him God’s speed.

How much time will it take to imagine,

A world where he isn’t there?

Will his memory comfort this aching?

How long will anyone care?

Love, a fox in sheep’s clothing.

Death, too conceited to hide.

Life, continues its story,

Healing , buried inside.

The back door is no longer open

To expose your beloved doggie door.

The yard is empty and silent.

For you’re not here anymore.

Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee
25 de mai.

I’m so sorry 😞 such a hard thing.



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