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Monday Morning Sebastian Update: So as of yesterday they said Sebastian was having trouble weaning off of the oxygen but we took our PEMF machine up there and treated him for about 15-20 minutes. Last night I told them we couldn't keep him there any longer financially and that they needed to wean him off if at all possible because we will be picking him up this morning. The nurse last night seemed concerned so I was trying to find an oxygen concentrator to make a home made oxygen tank. The vet I talked to this morning said that he continued to improve overnight, started eating canned chicken and they were able to wean him off over night. They said him eating is huge because when a dog can't breath well they will not eat and he ate! I noticed in the video from yesterday at the vets office that in the beginning of the video he was struggling to breathe pretty bad but after PEMF he seemed to be breathing a lot easier. The nurse last night said he seemed more bright eyed and this morning's report even better. So we are going to get sweet little man Sebastian this morning. Please continue to pray for him and us. You all are awesome and your prayers and sweet thoughts so appreciated. If all goes well today we will go live later and have a much needed live & treat drive. I know that will make us all happy!!

Love, Tim and Heather

Ms.Lisa Garlie


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