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I need help and decisions, so this is been going on for almost 2 years and I don't know if this is a thing that people here could help me out with, but I have been to the dermatologist. I have been to an allergist and my doctor I keep getting told that due dry skin and anything I use for a lotion I break out from right away and start to get itchy and also me do anything I use for a lotion I break out from right away and start to get itchy my cat my cat is a companion I have been allergy tested that i im allergic to cats and so I go in every week on a Monday to get my allergy shot. I haven't been going because when I get it I'd break out from it right away I had told the nurses that and they tell me that it's normal. To me it doesn't sound normal because I get like a goose bump egg on my arm from the shot. They had put Cortizone on it to help the itching and that has not helped at all and so. This morning I started breaking out and now this is been going on for about two hours. I feel like if I go to the ER it's going to be for nothing and they're gonna just tell me that it's something that I touched or something that I ate, which to be honest, I only had coffee this morning and water. I have not eaten anything due to me not being hungry so I don't know I need help how do I have done an oatmeal bath and put my hands in the oatmeal and that seems to feel better that she doesn't get any worse but I did that for like 20 minutes so any decisions

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