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Could really use some prayers for my Husbands grandmother Bessie. She had a mass in her intestines that was noncancerous but they wanted to go ahead and remove it. Surgery went well and she went home. She then could not keep anything down so went back in and her intestines were acting dead. They pumped her with fluids and got them to respond. Now her heart rate is all over the place, 170 one minutes and dropping the next. The doctors are talking about intubating her but one doesnt think its necessary yet but the drs are honestly confused because shes not showing signs of complications from surgery. She will be going in for laparoscopic surgery to remove fluid around her liver and search for any leaks. Since everything has happened her mind hasnt been right, she has said she is pregnant and said one of her daughters were trying to kill her (she was just adjusting her oxygen tube since grandma keeps pulling them out) and shes been very combative. We appreciate all prayers that the drs find whats going on so she can heal and come home

Sarah Lee
Gillian Mobley
Gillian Mobley
Mar 23, 2023

Sending prayers and positive vibes



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