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I asking for prayer for my grandson. I want to tell you a little about him so you can have sort of an idea about him. He just turned 10 on the 21st, he has severe autism and is non verbal. He is very gentle and wants to please everyone. He keeps to himself and spends his time watching Sesame Street on his tablet. He has several therapists and also attends Sunday school. He has never ever shown any aggression to anyone or anything. Things started last school year when he was restrained by three school adults and then drug down the hallway crying and screaming for help. This was done all because he wanted to set by himself on his tablet but didn't follow directions from the teacher. Our family made the choice not to pursue legal action but decided to change schools. Everything has been going great till today. My daughter received a call from the school saying he was suspended and she needed to come get him. Upon arriving she was met with the principal and school resource officer. She was told that the assistant in the classroom restrained him from changing a computer program they was watching. She was then bit by him. He gets up and goes away from all the adults in the room. The principal and school resource officer show up remove the kids from the room and they proceeded to try and detain him. He began running and throwing books giggling like he does when he gets scared. To make this shorter I'm asking for prayers for him and his parents and our family. They charged him with first degree assault. They're is no way this is even possible...

Everyone involved with him is in total aggrement. He is in no way capable of hurting anyone in a first degree assault form

Michele O'Brien
Robyn Crawford
Heather Martin
Heather Martin
Feb 01, 2023

I’m so very sorry this is happening and I pray they see the truth and everything is resolved. ❤️



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