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SMR Prayer Group

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Welcome to the group! You can request prayers, share spiritual inspiration and hopefully through prayer feel the love of God. Please connect with other members, pray for each other, please give updates for your prayer request if you are able to. Also last but definitely not least please give praise reports. Lets praise God for all He does and answers. It would be so lovely to not only read what we need prayer for but it strengthens us to see what all God HAS BROUGHT US THROUGH! We love each and every one of you and pray that God blesses and touches your lives more each day!

Sandie Swindall Hale
Tina Treish
Susan Bouchard

Blessing all thank you for including me 💖 sharing a praise report my BIL has downs syndrome and he gets up and wanders around the house at nite, last week he fell on one of his nightly excursions and bruised his face really bad, Mom too him to the Dr. And turns out he fractured his neck, had to have surgery or be paralyzed. Surgery went great, he is home and on the mend! Thank you Sweet Jesus 💖



Welcome to the group! You can request prayers, and share spi...


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