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I am asking for prayers, intentions, positive feelings. My mom is 90 years old. She fell about 10 days ago and broke her hip. The surgeon did a partial hi replacement because she broke the femoral head (the ball that fits into the joint area of the hip). this was done for a better healing process. She has been at a rehab facility almost a week and is going to be discharged the end of the week. Compounding her healing process, her 96 year old sister fell and broke her hip two days after my mom. My Auntie is not doing well at all. She has always had problems with anesthesia and the doctors believe her body is having difficulty metabolizing it. They are the last 2 living member from their family. They live in different states and are not able to be together.

I pray for physical healing and lessoning of their pain. I pray for emotional strength to get them through this rough time. I pray for our families to be able to be strong and able to accept God's plan for them both.

Thank you so much in advance. ♥️

Bev WA

Beverly A


these are the variations of my name that appears in different sections on the website.

Tina Treish
Gwendolyn Walker


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