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Christine’s (our Moderator) grandmother is having Heart surgery today and she could definitely use our prayers. I know Christine and her family could also use our prayers as well for peace to not worry so much about everything going on.

Also, Please say some prayers for Tim’s sister Jennifer. She’s in ICU. She went in because she was having the breathing and they suspected congestive heart failure. They did a CT scan and she had an allergic reaction to the iodine they put in her for the contrast in the scan. Her throat and tongue started swelling and they incubated her to keep her airways open due to the swelling. They are going to try to take her off the vent today. (UPDATE: NO SOONER HAD I HIT POST JEFF MESSAGED TIM AND SAID SHE IS OFF THE VENTILATOR. TALK ABOUT A QUICK ANSWER TO PRAYER. THANK YOU GOD!) Prayers that goes easy as well as them figuring out why she was having trouble breathing and get that corrected.

Please pray for (grand) daddy (Tim and Jennifer’s dad). He had another fall recently and bruised and busted himself up pretty good. He and Jeff(Jennifer’s husband) are both pretty worried about Jennifer too as we all are.

Also let’s pray for the people going through all of these storms. Pray for safety for the people as well as their homes, animals and property.

Also, I know there are so many people and animals having health problems right now. It’s too many to mention each one but God knows who they are and what they need. I pray that God will touch each of them as well as guide their caretakers in what they need to get better as quickly as possible. I pray they don’t loose hope and that after reading this that they will visually see them/selves healing and stop living in the spirit of sickness but instead make a conscious decision to live in the spirit of health.

Ms.Lisa Garlie


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