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Ok I just have to share bc I'm very excited 😊 I did a weigh in this morning and I am officially down 23 lbs! I'm currently sitting at 206 which I still don't love BUT it has been YEARS since I've been able to get back down this low so it's still a win 😁 the highest I've ever been was after I had my son. I was still floating at 229 4 years after I had him. I felt like crap. Always tired, never any energy to do anything, would get winded walking to the mailbox, etc. And my knees are not too happy with me for putting them through that either. 😬 23lbs isn't all that much in the long run but it is most certainly a starting point 🥰 I am very proud of myself for getting here so far 😁🥰

Debbie Moretti


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