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Cameras, Healing and good vibes

Good Saturday morning! As most of you have seen, some of the cameras are out. We are working on getting stuff rearranged for the new foaling area and unfortunately one of the switches stopped working. Hopefully we can either get it going again or get another one. We will do this as quickly as possible. In the meantime we are sorry for the inconvenience this causes.

Yesterday, Tim got up on the roof and fixed the roof so that it shouldn't allow water to enter the new foaling stalls any more. We added shavings and they are ready for the mares. We still have some stuff we want to do to them but we can do that while the mares are in there.

We plan to get Buck today. For those that do not know about Buck he is the horse I always talk about that was mine(Heather) before I knew Tim. He was born on my farm and due to the life circumstances I was going through at the time I ended up allowing a girl that I knew loved him as much as I did. I sent him to a trainer and she trained him. She always told me how much she liked him and I asked her if she wanted to take him on a free lease. She did and has loved him every since. She got in touch with me on Thursday and told me that Buck has cancer and the vet recommended putting him down. We talked for a while and this didn't sit well in my heart. I told her I would like to bring him home and get other opinions and try to save him if at all possible. Most people do not have some of the tools we have here at SMR. Our goal here is to open a wellness center where we can help animals and people. We have available here an equi-resp which is a very large and strong breathing machine as well as a PEMF complete machine. Both of these machines are able to help him. I don't know what Gods plans for Buck are. He may be past the point of saving and I may have to accept that but here at SMR we do not give up easily and we also know that LOVE, can do a lot to fix people. We see it daily and know how much the horses love help heal people but also how much people's love help to heal the horses. Think about the complete miracles we have seen here on the ranch. Perfectos legs, Draco's colic, Sundance's leg, Tia's founder. Those were all huge and we loved them thru it. I think SMR is a place of healing and love and my plan is to try to help him beat this. Miracles happen because people have faith that they WILL happen. I know if we all come together and pray, and send Buck healing energy, healing thoughts and send him LOVE it will wash over him like a bright light and the disease will not be able to stay. It will have to leave because there will be no room for it. So my plan is to give his body all of the healthy, healing stuff that we know helps and heals and if we can all pitch in sending him love I have no doubt we can either help him make a recovery or at the very least help to ease his transition from this world. Please don't even think the worst though. Think the best thoughts. Think that we will see a miracle and have faith that it will happen!

I will put some sweet pictures of Buck down below for you.

If you would like to help with Bucks needs I have listed some stuff on out Amazon wish list that I plan to treat him with.

Please do not forget we have our raffle Sunday, tomorrow at 3pm. You can get your tickets on our website here.

Tim has already upload some of this weeks raffle cups to our website. They are so pretty 😍🤩 I think you will like them a lot! Check them out here!


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