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4/19 update from Tia

Good evening My good people, Tia here,

We are having a treat drive tonight and I’m so glad! I just love the treat drives. I will be happy once we are able to have them a little earlier though. This is Moms last week working full time at her job. I heard that starting next week they will be able to start the lives earlier. That will be nice because I know sometimes they tend to go pretty late. I’m a mature lady and I need more beauty sleep then the youngsters. I’m sure some of you understand.

Mom and Dad also said that sometime really soon I am going to go to the vet to make sure I’m ok to have another baby. If the vet says I am, then I am going to make a visit to see Diamanté. He makes really pretty babies. Just look at Surenas baby, Aries he is so cute. Ignacia is going to also pay a visit to Antajo, he is Sugars daddy. Ignacia kinda has a crush on him, although she will not admit it.

Speaking of babies both Contessa and Gitana are so close to having their babies. I honestly can’t believe that Contessa has not had her baby yet. All of us horses think Contessa is trying to wait until Gitana has her baby so they can be best buddies the way the two of them are. Maybe me and Ignacia will be able to have our babies at the same time as well. I sure hope so.

For those that are not able to buy a treat Mom and Dad have made a coupon for 1 free treat for your favorite horse, Me. If you are also buying other treats besides the one free treat make sure you use the other options and the free treat both. There should only be one free treat in your cart. You can have other treats for other horses in there as well when you check out. If you did a free treat make sure at check out you use the promo code ft419 That will make that one treat free. The coupon only works with the free treat product. If you are only getting the one free treat and no others and do not want to have to put your credit card in make sure you use the website in your browser and not the phone app. The app makes you enter a credit card even though it doesn’t charge you.

One other thing. Today is one of our moderators Tammy’s Birthday. Her name on TIKTOK is ponydreampasofino1960. Mom is going to ask her not to read this because we think it would be really cool if all at the SAME time tonight (mom will tell y’all during the live that “ALL of us on TT want to wish you a very happy Birthday”) that those that are able to send her even $1 for her birthday can send her something just to show her that we love her & appreciate her. She has been such a help to our ranch after we lost our barn hand a little while back. We just think she would like to have a little extra $$ when she goes on her trip next week in case SHE wants something.

Her Venmo is @Tammy-Edney-1

Remember to wait till I say “ALL of us on TT want to wish you a very happy Birthday” so it happens all at once. It will be such an awesome Birthday surprise! The other mods, mom and dad also have a surprise for her as well. So if you miss moms cue, when mom gives her the gift that is the time! 🥰 We just love making people happy around here! Especially our wonderful Moderators!

See y’all around 8-8:15.

Love Tia ❤️🐴


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