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4/28 Updates with Gitana

Hello my friends, Gitana here. As most of you know yesterday I had my sweet baby girl. Her name is Estrella Gitana de SMR which means Gypsy Star of SMR. She is sooo big and beautiful! She has the most unique coloring and she’s somewhere between a buckskin and a grulla color. I’ve been trying to be a good and protective mom to her. I will have to teach her how to stay safe and be a proper lady. I can’t wait for all of you to see her tonight on the live. Speaking of the live I’m sort of bummed out. Mom and Dad put limits on the number of treats that can be bought for us horses. Once that number has been bought, everyone will have to wait until the next treat drive. They also said that they would like for each person to please only get up to 2 treats per person per horse. That way each person that wants to has a chance to get the horses treats before the limit is reached. There is no limit on the hugs and bows this week but they will evaluate how it goes for next week. They are also going to turn everything off as soon as they get started tonight to help limit the number as well.

They expect more people tonight since they are celebrating Estrella, Mia, Diosa, Rosa and my BF Contessa’s Birthdays. Mom will try to go live around 7:30ish and the treat drive start around 8. So if you would like to participate in the treat drive please go ahead and get your treats now.

Mom and dad decided at the last minute to take Isadora to Branstetter Paso Fino farm as well as Tia and Ignacia. Isadora will be bred to Patrick, Tia to Diamanté and Ignacia to Antajo(Sugars Dad). The girls were taken by the vets office on the way to have blood taken and to make sure they were ok. The vet said all 3 of them were in good health to have babies. We can’t wait for babies from them next year! When they arrived at Branstetter Farms Isadora was already in heat so she was bred to Patrick yesterday and again today. Hopefully she will breed once more again tomorrow. Ignacia is coming in to heat and will hopefully breed Antajo tomorrow as well. We will have to wait and see what Mom and Dad say when they come home tomorrow. Tia is in a stall/paddock between two stallions and I’m sure she will tell everyone if and when she is ready for Diamanté (Aries dad).

Everyone is still waiting on Contessa to have her baby. Mom and Dad are starting to wonder if she will wait until her original due date of May 14th. Contessa is my best friend and we do everything together. It’s only fitting that we will have babies again together. I can’t wait for her to have her sweet baby to love like I have. Since the girls are gone dad moved a Tison to the back into Tias stall and Diosa to Ignacias stall. I’m so glad. He was making me really nervous. He is small like my baby but doesn’t act young. Either way I’m glad he is not next to me for now.

Mom and Dad are supposed to go tomorrow to get the first load of supplies so they can start the riding area roof. Hopefully it doesn’t rain too much next week. They would like to get started on building it as soon as possible.

Well it is getting late so I better say goodbye till later so that y’all can get your treats now before they are gone. Thank you all for the prayers for me and Estrella. Thanks to you I had an easy and fast delivery!

Love y’all!


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Perfecto - Monica P

Tatanka - Rachel L

Diosa - Ashley L

Sundance - Shelly B

Contessa - Tarra H

Surena -

Gitana -

Tison -

Directa - Rebecca W.


Isadora - Connie D

Sugar - Carol E

Draco - Vicki N

Mia - Jessica S

Rosa -

Tia - Daria D


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