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5/12 updates with Rosa 🌹

Hello everyone Rosa is in the housssssse! Well actually the barn but it’s MY house. I know dad told on me last night for breaking in the barn and letting Draco and Mia in. What REALLLY happened was that I just happened to be playing with this little chain thing on the gate and BAM it fell down. Then I started playing with it and the gate came open sooooo I decided to just go on in and explore a little bit. Well about that time mom came walking around the corner. She called me so I turned around and started walking back. She opened the gate to let me back out and Draco and Mia came running in so I wasn’t going to let my besties take all the blame. I just turned back around and decided to go with them. Well mom did not think this was funny and scolded all three of us like little kids until she got us all into our stalls. And guess what else? She didn’t even have food OR hay in the stalls yet. I could have just stayed outside and eaten hay out there. I just thought there would at least be food in there since there normally is when we get into our stalls at night.

MAD(Mom And Dad combined😂) rented a lift that would go high enough to put the truss up on the building. Yesterday they put a truss together and put it up on the lift but with just the two of them they couldn’t hold it up and lift the truss up and it started bending the truss. To keep from breaking the truss they let it back down. They then tried to put one half of the truss up and they got it up and bolted to the post. They planned to use the tractor to try and get the other half up but it wouldn’t go up that high. To say mom and dad feel defeated is an understatement. Dad called about 6 different places to get quotes to see how much it would be for someone else to just do it or at least help them with it. 4 of them said they didn’t do that and Dad is waiting on the other 2 places to call back. Mom called another person she knows to get a quote. He came over this morning and said for us to tell him what we could pay and he said MAD(Mom And Dad) would need to take back the machine they already rented and rent something bigger because he didn’t have the equipment he needed to do it. Dad said that machine is 1,500(week) to 2,000(month). He also said he would need at least a 4 man crew plus Dad to do the job. Mom said she just feels done and wants to give up but Dad said we will somehow figure it out. If any of you have any ideas please let my MAD(Mom And Dad combined) know. Dad fixed the link to Tammy’s page (ponydreampasofino1960) in the link tree on our TikTok bio page. There were several people asking about that. It should be working now.

The treat drive tonight will be around 7:30-8PM CST. Dad had to go to the eye doctor today. Once they get finished with the doctor, pick the kids up and eat dinner they will go live on the back up account on TikTok which is Smoothmovesranch_MS. Please make sure and get ME treats and hugs Now because Dad said once the treat drive starts he will be turning the treats off.

See you soon, Rosa!🌹

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