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5/20 updates from Diosa

Hello everyone Diosa here, some people call me hangry, some Dino Diosa, and some call me Diosasaurus. ALL because I don’t like people messing with me while I’m in my stall. Outside of my stall you can mess with me all you want but my stall is my house. It’s where I eat and sleep. When I’m in my stall just leave me alone. Now if you gonna give me treats in my stall that is great but just do what ya gotta do and let me eat in peace. Speaking of treats tonight is the treat drive. Mom and dad said they are going to go live sometime between 7:15 and 7:45. I will TRY to be nice as long as you make sure I get lots of treats and hugs. I can’t make any promises though.

Did you see the stud that is living in the stall next to me? Not the little baby Contessa had. He’s cute but I’m talking about the Handsome one on the other side of me. I really have a crush on him but please don’t tell him I told you. He’s the most handsome stallion ever. Especially when he sings his hair around.

Mom and dad are going to pick up dads great niece Tina Hope tomorrow. She is going to stay the summer here at the ranch. They say she is really nice and she like horses a lot. I sure hope so. Well I guess that’s all I know that’s going on right now. We will see you soon on the smooth moves ranch page.


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Perfecto - Monica P

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Diosa - Ashley L

Sundance - Shelly B

Contessa - Tarra H

Gitana -

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Isadora - Connie D

Sugar - Carol E

Draco -

Mia - Jessica S

Rosa -

Tia - Daria D


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