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5/24 Updates with Sugar

Hey Everyone Sugar Boog here!

I wanted to let y’all know that tonight is the treat drive. It’s also Free treat Tuesday where people can us the code ft524 to get one free treat for their favorite horse. (I’m sure I’m your favorite!!!) just put the promo code in when your checking out to get $1 off. There is a limit of 35 uses for that code though so please get yours as soon as you can. Also when the treat drive starts around 8pm CST the treats will be closed.

Did y’all know I might become a big sister next year?!? My mom, Ignacia and my dad Antajo might be having a baby soon. We will find out on May 31st when Mom and Dad take my mom Ignacia, my Aunt Tia and my buddy Isadora to the vet for pregnancy checks.

It is raining tonight. Us horses don’t mind, We just hope the power and internet stay on. Hopefully y’all will be able to hear us over the rain on the roof.

We also have one other surprise to reveal that we can’t tell you about just yet. I think y’all will be happy.

Ok well I better go eat some more hay for now. I’m still trying to get my girlish figure back after having Rosa. Mom and dad said I’m almost where I need to be but could stand to gain some more.

See y’all soon!


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Sundance - Shelly B

Contessa - Tarra H

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Isadora - Connie D

Sugar - Carol E

Draco -

Mia - Jessica S

Rosa -

Tia - Daria D


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