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5/26/22 Updates with Isadora (the Birthday Girl)

Good evening everyone Isadora here. I have great news! Today is my 13th birthday AND the treat drive. So feel free to give me all the treats you would like today. Mom and dad said they would double the cap on the number of treats I could get since it is my birthday. Today has been a long day for mom and dad. They took the wall down in Tatanka’s stall today so he has a bigger stall. Dad pulled a muscle in his back doing it though. Moms knee is hurting really bad too so they have been hobbling around here all day.

They were planning on riding horses today but didn’t feel like it because they were hurting. Jerica rode Tia today though. Tia said she did good. I’m sure mom will post videos of their ride.

Mom and dad have been working on stuff around the barn today that needed to be finished. Dad is having trouble with one of the cameras in Tatankas stall. I’m sure he will get it fixed though.

Next Tuesday May 31st, me, Tia and Ignacia will be going to the vets to get a pregnancy check. Yesterday the vet came here and gave us all our shots and coggins test. The two babies didn’t have to get any yet but the rest of us did. I didn’t like getting shots but the vet was nice.

Mom and Dad are still looking for a truck because Dads truck is broke and they keep saying moms is ok it’s last leg. I didn’t think it had legs but maybe they are hidden somewhere I can’t see them.

Mom said when everyone gets on TikTok tonight if y’all would could you please follow everyone on the love you are not already friends with. We have several people trying to get to 1,000 followers so that they can go live. That would be a huge help.

Well I guess since us horses are already in the barn mom will go live in just a little bit.

We love y’all and thank you in advance for the Birthday treats!

Love, Isadora


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