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5/3 Updates with Tatanka

Good afternoon friends and family, Tatanka here. First off can I just say how glad I am to be back home?!? Little joe is nice but I really love my Mom, Dad and horse family. Mom and Dad started me on a new medication called Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser. It can not be ordered on Amazon, only on their website. It doesn’t taste very good but It has been shown to help horses who crib and have trouble gaining weight. It seems no matter how much I eat I can’t gain weight. So hopefully it works and helps me. I know mom worries about me and wants me to be chunky like everyone else. Dad keeps telling her I am trim and fit.

Mom and Dad started on the roof today and ran into some issues. They thought they could use the tractor to lift the trusses up to where they go but they couldn’t. Dad said he needs to rent something to lift the trusses. Mom said if they do that they need to go ahead and purchase all of the trusses they need so that they can all be put up while they have the machine rented. I think mom is feeling a little overwhelmed to be honest. Mom was thankful that Will was able to help Dad carry the trusses today because she said they were really heavy. The rest of the trusses will be around $3,200. The machine rental will be around $1,500 (which was an unexpected expense). 1/3 of the tin has already been bought but the other 2/3 can be purchased later to go on last. So if anyone is willing and able to donate towards the barn building, every little bit will help. We prefer you use the Venmo @HeatherMartinSMR (currently at $20.79 after buying the last supplies) or you can go on our website and click on the yellow donate button at the top and choose Barn Building to use pay pal or a debit/credit card.

Contessa is still pregnant and we all think she will not have her baby until her second breeding due date of May 14 or possibly even later. Everyone has been watching her on TikTok live in anticipation of her baby. It’s not MY baby so I hope they don’t blame me. Some people tried to accuse me of being Ella’s dad. Apparently her dad Valdez is almost the same color as me. Tonight is the treat drive. The treats per horse have been limited so if you are having trouble checking out that is probably why. The free treat code is ft53 to get $1 off off. The limit on that coupon is for 35 people. This coupon enables everyone that can not afford a treat for their favorite horse the opportunity to get one. Just choose your favorite horse and when you check out put ft53 under promo code so it will be free.

We will see you all around 7 pm CST. They were going to go live earlier but I told them that they needed to take a shower before hand because they might scare people being so dirty. They agreed. We will see you soon!

Love, Tatanka

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Perfecto - Monica P

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Sundance - Shelly B

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