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5/31 Updates with Tia 🐴❤️🥰

Good afternoon Tia here, Well we have good news and bad news. The good news is that tonight is the treat drive. It’s also Tuesday so those who are not able to get treats are able to get one for their favorite horse by using the promo code ft531. I’m absolutely sure that I deserve all the free treats tonight because we found out today that I am pregnant! We will have to go back in another couple of months to get a heartbeat confirmation. She said she feels pretty sure I’m pregnant though. Mom and Dad got me some medicine called Rugu-Mate to help me maintain my pregnancy.

Now for the bad news. Both Isadora and Ignacia were not pregnant. In fact Isadora was in heat and Ignacia was about to go into heat. So when we left the vets office, the other two girls went back to Branstetter farms. Isadora actually bred today. Ignacia has not gone into heat just yet. She was about a week behind Isadora last time though so hopefully soon.

Germantown Charity horse show in Germantown, TN. is June 6-11th or the first week in June. If you would like to donate to help with the cost or help sponsor a class that would be great! Entry fees range from $40(regular class), $165 (championship class) and stalls cost $150 per week/per stall(We have 7 stalls Reserved), Plus Hotel cost for a week. They will take the horses over this Sunday and the show starts the next day. Please be praying for my mom, dad and the horses that will be going.

We are still waiting for availability for the Tele handler to work on the roof and hope to get it as soon as possible.

We we will see you all around 7:30 for the treat drive.

Love Tia 🐴❤️