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5/5 Updates with Draco Black

Hello my fellow Draconians, Mr Black here. I have a complaint I need to tell y’all about with my mom and dad. They put this big flashy new bucket in my stall yesterday. When I saw it I got so excited! When I saw my amount of food my heart just sank. They did not give me any more food just a bigger bucket! What were they thinking?!? You can’t mess with a big boy’s stomach like that! So I told Mom that I HAD to do the announcement tonight so I could file a complaint with my Fans in hopes y’all could do SOMETHING about this travesty. I just know that Mom and Dad will listen if y’all talk to them. They even said that they limited the number of treats that all of us horses could get on treat night!!! Thank goodness they didn’t put a limit on the hugs and bows. They said that at least with those I had to WORK for the treat. They are going TOO FAR! Please have a talk with them. I am a big boy and I NEED my treats and food. I’m bigger than any of the other horses. My Mom was a TN Walking horse and my Dad was a Standard Bred. Both of those are Big horses. A lot bigger than all of the other horses, that are Paso Finos. Dad feeds me LESS than them. Even less than Rosa gets and she is half my size. Please please have a talk with them!

Mom said I HAVE to tell y’all what is going on with the barn if I’m telling the story so long story short all of you amazing DRACO fans gave $2,752 on Venmo, $220 on Cash App and $1,350 on PayPal for a total of $4,322 towards the $5,000 goal. They are planning to go get the rest of the trusses hopefully either sometime this weekend or early next week. Dad is still working on trying to find an available lift. Mom said they need to order boards for the remaining purlins soon so that when they get the lift they can also put those boards up as well. Dad said once the boards are up he can put the tin on without the lift if he needs to. Mom said she would rather him use the lift for that too since he has been dizzy so much lately. He says he is fine. He is almost as stubborn as me and Mia. Mia is my best buddy. I teaching her the ropes. You know. How to raid the pear tree, how to find treats, how to double back when dads not looking and we see buckets. She is catching on pretty good so far.

Contessa is still pregnant and expecting a baby sometime around May 14th. Gitana’s & Serena’s babies are doing great. Sister goat had her baby on live Tuesday night. Momma Goat is super pregnant and looks ready at any time. Briar the cow still has not had a baby. She is at SMR. Sweetpea had her baby a little while back. Beauty, Blossom and Mocha are all pregnant and should have babies soon over at Aww Naw Farms. My Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Jeff as well as granddaddy co-own the cows with mom and dad. They used to all be here at SMR but now half of the cows are there. I love when Grandaddy comes over he always wants to ride me yonder. I’m his favorite. Mia is his second favorite. Well grab your treats fast because dad said he was turning them off around 8pm CST.

PS. I’m not as upset now but please don’t forget to talk to them about my food & treat situation.

Remember I’m a big boy and I need my treats and food.

Sincerely, Draco Black

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