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5/9 Announcement with Perfecto 🐴

Hello, Perfecto here. Well as some of you already know, Tammy (ponydreampasofino1960 on TikTok) came and got her horses, Surena and Aries today. Tammy said she will have plenty of videos on her account of them and do lives so that you can all keep up with Aries growth as well as her other babies that we have all grown attached to over the last couple of months.

In the meantime we have an extra stall here at the ranch. What Mom and Dad decided to do is to move Contessa into the stall that Surena was in and move me, Perfecto, into the stall Contessa was in. Dad will take the wall down between my current stall and Tatanka’s stall so that both of us stallions will have a double stall since we do tend to stay inside more often than the other horses. Dad will add the two cameras that are in mine and Tanka’s current stalls now to the foaling(stallion) stall page so that there will be 8 cameras instead of the 6 current cameras. The subscription price will stay the same. I think you will like this addition and enjoy watching Me and Tatanka play with our toys!

Mom and dad went to Pontotoc and got the rest of the trusses for the riding area today. The trusses cost $3,242.10, so moms Fundraising Venmo @HeatherMartinSMR is back down to $3 and fundraising will again start to raise funds for the other half of the boards(purlins) and the other 2/3 of the tin. They will have to figure out how much exactly is needed for that and let you know. Mom and Dad hope the good weather holds out so the riding area drys up enough to start construction soon.

Mom and Dad will go to Branstetter Farms tomorrow to pick up Tia(bred to Diamanté), Ignacia (bred to Antajo) and Isadora (bred to Patrick) tomorrow to bring them all 3 home. I know they will be happy to get home just in time for the treat drive tomorrow. It will start around 6:30pm CST. The code for the free treat promo code is ft510. The promo code is for 1 free treat per person and there are only 40 available. This is to help out those who are unable to afford a treat for their favorite horse. I’m sure that is me and if it’s not I’m sure it will eventually be me. Mom and Dad say that I am their special boy and that all of y’all love me a lot as well. Just wait till you see me playing with my squeaky toys in the middle of the night. I also love to throw my toys out of my stall so Mom and Dad have to throw them back in and play with me. 😂🤣 I make up for it with Hugs and Bows though so I’m sure they don’t mind to much.

I think that’s all the news for now. We will see you all tomorrow. Well, you will see me on the Cameras tonight! (Tatanka will probably be added tomorrow or Wednesday)😊😜

Your Truly, (Elvis) Perfecto

(Pictures to be uploaded later)

March Horse Sponsors

Perfecto - Monica P

Tatanka - Rachel L

Diosa - Ashley L

Sundance - Shelly B

Contessa - Tarra H

Gitana -

Tison -

Directa -


Isadora - Connie D

Sugar - Carol E

Draco -

Mia - Jessica S

Rosa -

Tia - Daria D


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