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6/14 updates with Mia

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

What’s up my friends? Mia here! Yep the one and only wild child herself. Did y’all know that last week I went in my very first Paso Fino show and got 5th place?!? Mom and dad were so proud of me. I was proud of myself too! My sister Sundance got a 6th place in that same class. Over all I think we all got 6-7 ribbons. It was fun. I had a few issues the next day. I’m not sure what happened. My emotions were just everywhere. When we got home my stall had been moved and mom and dad said something about all of us horses being buddy sour. I got lucky because my stall is still next to my two besties, Draco and Rosa. Dad said if we can get caught up there is another show in July (in Louisiana) and one in August(In Illinois) he wants to go to. Mom said it’s fine if they can afford it.

Mom and dad said the heat is draining them and us horses. It’s been super hot here. We are all sweating really bad. Dad did some work with the tractor moving manure and mom and Ms Jerica worked in the barn cleaning and doing hay.

Both Contessa/ElDorado and Gitana/Ella got to go out today. They didn’t stay out for long before they came back to the gate and wanted in. I think they had fun though. After they came back inside the rest of us horses got to go out.

Mom and Dad are both still hurting pretty bad from their accidents and they both plan to go to the doctor as soon as possible. Mom’s stressing because she doesn’t have insurance right now. Dad said she needs to just go anyways. Dad has insurance thankfully.

Tonight is the treat drive and I can tell you that mom and dad said they might be happier than us horses this time because between the truck, horse show($2,038-$540 that Diosa won that will eventually offset the cost when we get that check), and the 28 rolls of hay($1,400) put a huge dent to their account. Mom said they still have to pay to get tags on the truck and they still need to raise enough money to rent a tele-handler to start putting the trusses up, plus pay their other bills. So if you feel inclined and you are able will you please help them out and make us horses happy by buying treats, hugs and bows for us. They didn’t even let us have one treat drive last week. We tried to talk mom and dad into having at least one at the show but they said the sugar in the treats would make us hyper and act up in our classes. Pfft It would probably make us go faster. That’s not a bad thing is it?! I sure didn’t think so. Oh well we tried. They did say they opened up the treats to allow more per horse and they also said if you want to do more than two per person this week it is ok. The code for the free treat tonight is FT614.

We have a lot of horses that do not have sponsorships if anyone is interested in sponsoring a horse for a month or more. Remember if you sponsor for a year you will get a plaque with your name on it on your sponsored horses stall. Every horse below that does not have a name by them does not have a sponsor.

Good vibes to everyone and thank you all for EVERYTHING each of you do for us horses as well as my mom and dad.

Peace, love and good vibes,


Help with Hay or Horse Show cost


Camera’s Link

Treats, hugs & bows Link

Become a Sponsor Link

June Horse Sponsors

Perfecto - Monica P

Tatanka -

Diosa -

Sundance - Shelly B, Teri M.

Contessa -


Gitana -

Ella -

Tison -


Mia- Jessica S


Sugar- Carol E

Isadora-Connie D



Tia- Daria D


Debbie M. - Red Ribbon

Jessica M. -White Ribbon

Marcelle M. - Yellow Ribbon

Denise B. - Pink Ribbon

Michelle N. - Pink Ribbon

Sandra C. - Pink Ribbon

Terran and Tigger - Pink Ribbon

Steph W. - Pink Ribbon

Jone H. - Pink Ribbon

Terri D. - Pink Ribbon

Diane S - Pink Ribbon

Melissa B. - Pink Ribbon

Ashley H. - Pink Ribbon

Markisha J. - Pink Ribbon

Patricia D. - Pink Ribbon

Tina D. - Pink Ribbon

Julie M -Pink Ribbon

Daria D. - Magnawave

Paige L -Magnawave

Bobby W -Hay Sponsor

Renee B. - Hay Sponsor

Chris M. - Hay Sponsor

Tiffany T. - Hay Sponsor

Brenda H - Hay sponsor

Jessica S - Hay sponsor x2

Rebecca H- Hay Sponsor

David B. - Feed Sponsor

Beth M. - Show Sponsor

Pictures to be added later.


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