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6/18/02 Updates from Ignacia.

Hello everyone, Ignacia here! Well tonight is the treat drive again. I have good news. Mom and Dad decided to let me switch stalls with Draco. I was stressing out so bad in the stall next to Tatanka. He didn’t do anything wrong but I just didn’t want to be next to him. Dad said he was waiting to see if I went into heat but I haven’t yet that I know of. Besides Draco should be up front with the boys NOT ME. Speaking of Draco, Dad said he was about to start boot camp SMR. Ms. Shelby road him today in the barn. She road him good but Draco didn’t want to go at all. He did bow with Shelby on him which was impressive. I’m not like that. If you get on me you best be ready to go. I was good for mom Tuesday when she road me bareback. I like her though.

Mom talked Dad into letting Perfecto and Tatanka go out together again today. They said that the boys did really good together in the pasture and as long as they keep doing good maybe they will continue to get to go out with each other as well as with Draco and Tison.

Contessa and ElDorado went out to the paddock today with Gitana and Ella. They seemed a bit better today than last time. I’m sure in another week they will all be playing with each other. If you haven’t already,please go and watch the videos from today. I think you will enjoy them.

Update on the kiddos. Hope came back to SMR today and I know she is so happy to be back with wild thing Mia again. Emma and Noah have been here all week and seem to be enjoying their summer. Will is trying to get into college and trying to move into the dorms. CPS is supposed to come and do a home inspection of the house to see if the other kiddos are able to come here. Heather spoke to all 3 of them yesterday. It was one of the kids BD’s. She turned 13. They were all so excited to tell mom that their case worker told them that they could move to SMR after the home visit as long as everything worked out. Mom told them about all of the babies being born which made everyone really happy.Beauty the cow had another baby bull calf this year. I hope the kids love being here at SMR just as much as us horses do.

Dad said we need square bales of hay again very soon since we are almost out for the year. Last year we used about a thousand bales but mom said we will need about 1200-1500 bales this year since we have more horses. The prices of hay have gone up quite a bit due to diesel prices and fertilizer prices going up so much. We fully expect hay bales to be between $7-$10 a bale at the least. Most people are just starting to cut hay.

So that being said I know mom and Dad greatly appreciate any and all the help towards hay and prayers that they can get. There is also immediate need to do some repairs to the house in preparation of the kids coming too.

Don't forget dad said if we can get money caught up there is another show in July (in Louisiana) and one in August(In Illinois) he really wants to go to. Mom and Dad are so thankful to all of the sponsors, donors and prayer warriors because without all of you we wouldn’t be able to do TikTok like we do. So thank you to everyone that has helped our family both human and 4 legged!

We will be going live around 8 pm cst and will start with the sponsored horses again. Who is sponsored you ask? Well if there is a person’s name by the horses name then they are sponsored and if not then they could use a sweet sponsor.

Help with Hay, Tisons Cart or Horse Show cost


Camera’s Link

Treats, hugs & bows Link

Become a Sponsor Link

June Horse Sponsors

June Horse Sponsors

Perfecto - Monica P

Tatanka -

Diosa -

Sundance - Shelly B, Teri M.

Contessa -


Gitana -

Ella -

Tison -


Mia- Jessica S


Sugar- Carol E

Isadora-Connie D



Tia- Daria D


Debbie M. - Red Ribbon

Michelle O - Red Ribbon

Jessica M. -White Ribbon

Marcelle M. - Yellow Ribbon

Denise B. - Pink Ribbon

Michelle N. - Pink Ribbon

Sandra C. - Pink Ribbon

Terran and Tigger - Pink Ribbon

Steph W. - Pink Ribbon

Jone H. - Pink Ribbon

Terri D. - Pink Ribbon

Diane S - Pink Ribbon

Melissa B. - Pink Ribbon

Ashley H. - Pink Ribbon

Markisha J. - Pink Ribbon

Patricia D. - Pink Ribbon

Tina D. - Pink Ribbon

Julie M -Pink Ribbon

Daria D. - Magnawave

Paige L -Magnawave

Bobby W -Hay Sponsor

Renee B. - Hay Sponsor

Chris M. - Hay Sponsor

Tiffany T. - Hay Sponsor

Brenda H - Hay sponsor

Jessica S - Hay sponsor x2

Rebecca H- Hay Sponsor

David B. - Feed Sponsor

Beth M. - Show Sponsor


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Karen Jordan
Karen Jordan
05 Tem 2022

I really really enjoyed looking at the pictures of the horses and seeing the dog’s and see Tim and Heather and I love them all. One day I’m going to get to meet them one day.


Janice Monroe
Janice Monroe
17 Haz 2022

Hey peeps 😆 so happy to be here


Wonder what color Ella will be. Great pics and videos. Loved them.


16 Haz 2022

Pictures of the horses and people

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