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6/2/22 Updates with Contessa & ElDorado

Hello Everyone Contessa and ElDorado here. ElDorado wanted to write the story today but I told him he was still too young to write it. I figured we could do it together though. ElDorado is learning to lead with a halter and lead rope. He said he did not like it at all and if Dad or Mom insisted on making him walk with a lead rope he would just lay down. I tried to explain to him that if he would just follow along and be a good boy it really wasn’t that hard. Like a baby he wasn’t listening to me though. You know youngsters think they know everything. Mom and Dad are patient and will work with him until he eventually gets it.

There is not a whole lot new happening. Briar finally had her baby. She had a bull calf. Mom really likes him and of course wants to keep him like every other baby born here. I guess dad needs to keep all the babies somewhere else so she can’t see them.

Isadora and Ignacia are still at Branstetter Farms. Isadora bred to Patrick again today. Ignacia still has not gone into heat yet. Mom said she will probably wait to go into heat the week of Germantown Charity Horse show which is next week. If that happens they may or may not take her to the horse show. They will decide that later I guess. They better not wait too long though to decide because they are supposed to be taking horses over there on Sunday.

Mom and Dad are out of round rolls of hay again. They go thru about 3 rolls a week or 156 rolls a year between the cows, donkeys and us horses. They have to go on Saturday morning to get 27 rolls of hay for us animals.

Sunday they will start taking horses and stuff over to Germantown Tennessee.

Tonight we will be having a treat drive around 7:30-8PM CST. ElDorado still can not eat treats. My God daughter Ella is just starting to eat treats but she still is not included in the all the horses option because she doesn’t need as many treats as us adults. Mom and Dad said they would add an option for her to get treats soon but only put a limited number on there for her. We will see y’all soon!

Love, Contessa and ElDorado

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