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6/28 update with Tison

Hello Everyone, Tison in the house. I hope everyone is doing good. It is so nice here in Mississippi lately. The weather has been cool and us horses have been getting to spend more time in the pasture. Mom and dad let me and Draco go out with the girls so we get double time. Perfecto isn’t so lucky but he has a bunch of toys and stuff he can play with. I’m know I’m just a little guy but I bet I can out run any horse in the pasture. I love to run. Rosa likes to run and play with me.

Mom and Dad got a call from the Hay guy today and he said for them to be ready to get the hay on Thursday. He said it would be probably 500-700 bales and Mom and Dad were only prepared to get a couple hundred. This month has been particularly hard due to the vet bill, and a few other big bills mom and dad had. So if you are able to help at all towards the hay I know mom and dad would greatlyappreciate it. I told mom people could just buy us treats and hugs and that would help a lot. Mom said that the hay is going to cost a LOT more than the number of treats all of us horses could eat.

Tomorrow morning Mom and Dad has to take the trailer to the hay field and drop it off. Then they have to come home and take horses to the farrier to get hooves trimmed.

It is always busy around the ranch.

Tonight’s treat drive will start around 8 pm CST and the code for the free treat is ft628.

We are all so thankful for each of you and all of the prayers, love and support you show each of us every day.❤️🐴❤️😘

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