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6/9/23 Vet visit

Good afternoon everyone, The vet came out this morning and ultra-sounded Ignacia, Honey and Tia. The vet that came out was the same vet that did all of the previous ultrasounds on the mares. She unfortunately said that none of the mares were pregnant. This is devastating news to all of us. We are going to leave the 3 mares up live on social media for a while longer just so we can chat and watch them as I know that we all love them greatly. We will eventually take the words foal watch off as we do not want to make anyone think we are still on foal watch. I know this is super disappointing for everyone. The other horses all got their coggins and shots so that is a good thing that came out of today's Visit. Thank you for your patience. We will update any future plans later. We love y’all.


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