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7/28 Treats worth Rosa

Howdy My friends, Rosa here. Today is a great day! It’s Thursday and treat day!  Woo Hoo! I sure can’t wait. Mom and Dad have been super busy since they got home from the horse show. They have been cleaning stuff up around the barn and it looks so much better.  I know they feel better when it’s clean. I don’t like it so much because there is not as much stuff for me to look at when I come and go. I like to discover new things. Sometimes I can even find a treat when I’m looking around. That makes it all the better. Draco is the one who taught me to use my nose and smell around in all the buckets. He is the best treat finder. Mia is a pretty good treat hound too.

Mom and Dad put the roundpen back together today and also cleaned up the riding area so it can be used again. Tatanka is currently in the pen and perfecto is in the riding area. Tia was not doing very good today. Dad iced her leg and mom spoke to Leah about the magnawave. Leah said she would try to come next week. We all sure hope she gets better quickly.

Several of the moderators need a bunch of prayer right now. It’s not stuff they want everyone to know but if you could please pray for all of the SMR moderators that would be awesome.

Destany and Hope rode Draco and Mia today. It looked like they had fun. I wish I could have ran around with them. Dad said I have to wait a little over a year before I can go riding like that. It’s not fair but I trust him. He said it would hurt me to be ridden before that.

Well I guess we will see you all around 7:30-8. Please don’t forget all of us horses are trying to learn to bow so if you feel so inclined let us all bow for you. We like hugs too. 🤗

Have a good day!!

Rosa 🐴🐎


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