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7/5 Updates from the farm

Good afternoon, I hate to say this but all of the horses were either to busy eating or sleeping today to do the announcement. I told them that Tim and I have been unloading and stacking hay all day but we needed to let y’all know that we were still going to have a treat drive tonight and we have some special news. The horses all told me to let y’all know how much they appreciated all of the hug and bows last night. Some of the girls told Tim that they don’t think it’s fair that only the boys get to do bows so Tim said to let you know that if you want to see some of the girls bow we would be willing to TRY to get them to bow and if we can’t we could give them hugs instead. We are willing to try though. You don’t know how much we appreciate everyone’s love and support of us, our babies and our endeavors. If you have not seen the video of Tis and Preston from yesterday please go look and you will hopefully understand just a little why horse therapy is so important to us. The code for the free treat tonight is ft705 and we look forward to seeing everyone at 7PM CST! Good vibes to everyone and much love,

Heather and Tim


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