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7/7 Updates with Tatanka

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Hello Everybody, Tanka here. Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday for my 3rd birthday. Dad gave me extra food yesterday and promised me that I would get treats tonight as well during the treat drive. Today is Sundance’s  birthday as well. She is 5 years old today.  So feel free to send both of us all the treats, hugs and bows you want. I am sure Sundance would appreciate it as much as I would.

This Sunday at 3PM CST is the quarterly Dirty raffle. You know, the raffle where if your ticket is drawn you get to pick or steal which item you want instead of Mom and Dad drawing a ticket for a specific item. If your item gets stolen, don’t worry, you get to pick or steal a different item. Once an item has been held 3 times or stolen twice the item is locked in. It seems really fun. I wish I could play it but I don’t have a way to go on the website and get tickets. Dad said they would be sending out the ticket numbers Sunday afternoon right before the raffle. If you want to donate something to go in the dirty raffle please let mom or dad know as soon as possible.

I heard that Mom and Dad are still chipping away at the required stuff they have to do to get licensed as foster parents. Their background checks came back and they have to go get fingerprinted tomorrow. I don’t think Mom knew the process to become a foster parent was as detailed as it is. They will eventually get it all done though.

Mom and Dad have put about half of the 780 bales up in the hay barn. There are still 3 trailers of hay left to unload and put up. We are so thankful to our amazing hay guy for letting mom and dad make a few payments as they can. He is really awesome!

Well I guess you will get to see us birthday babies (as mom calls us) and the rest of the horses tonight around 7PM CST.

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