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8/02 Treats with Diosa

Hello everyone, Diosa here, all of us horses hope you are having a wonderful day. We are having a lot of fun outside today. The weather is not too hot and we have been running and playing all day. So you know we are working up a great appetite for treats tonight. Especially me, 🤣 you know they call me Hangry right? That’s because I love my treats and food and don’t want anyone messing with it. But I am very sweet most of the time. Mom and Dad have been working really hard this week getting things done around the barn and house. I heard them talking and it looks like the guy who does the hay is getting ready to bale again soon. Mom and Dad are scrambling to get everything organized so they have plenty of room for the hay. They are trying to get all they need for the year on this next cutting so that they don’t have to buy hay at a higher price in the winter. Dad said that he expects it to be $10 to $12 per square bale this winter. He said that is twice as much as this past years prices. I’m not sure what prices are, but I know I like to eat hay, so I hope they can get all we need. Mom and Dad were talking today and they said this Sunday, August 7th, is the dirty raffle. They said they are going to have several custom tumblers that horse sponsors donated and also are going to have the regular tumblers too. There will be other gifts as well and they said it is going to be a lot of fun. Mia, Sugar, Ignacia and I are getting ready for a show in a couple of weeks. We are going to the Illinois State Fair Show August 18th through 20th. It is a lot of work but I really like showing and I also have a girl named Hope who rides me sometimes too. Dad said she was riding me at the show this time too. Mom said that was good and she thought Hope should ride Mia too. Well she said as long as Mia behaves herself. It is hard for Mia to behave though because she is younger. But she is learning. Mom and Dad were invited to something called cameo and will soon be offering personalized video messages with the horses. They said they will post a link and video when the site is live. Dad is also planning on putting another outside cam and a riding area cam for those with subscriptions to see. If you want to get treats, hugs or bows for me tonight, I mean for us horses, please get them here and if you want to get raffle tickets you can get them here also Dad said don’t forget about the promo code “summer2022” for 10% off any merchandise in our stores. You can see all the merch at and at

Mom and Dad are starting the treat drive tonight between 7:45 and 8:15. They wanted to start earlier but they have something called a zoomie meeting going on right now. I like getting the zoomies but I am not as fast as Sundance. Anyway, I hope to see you all on the live and I will give everyone a big smile.

Good Vibes,