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BD treats hugs and bows

Good afternoon everyone. Heather (&Tim) here. It is cold in Byhalia today and will be in the 40's tonight. We will be doing treats, hugs & bows for the horses, cows, donkeys and goats. This will be the only treat drive this week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. You can get your treats, hugs and bows at . We will be spending time with family and we hope and pray that y'all are able to do the same. We pray for all of our SMR family that doesn't have a place to go as well as all homeless, shut in people and those in hospitals or nursing homes. We hope for all to have a wonderful holiday season. We are thankful for each of you and love and appreciate you. I pray for those missing loved ones and for those dealing with stress and depression that tends to show up this time of year. I pray God will wrap His healing arms around you all and comfort and protect you.

Our next dirty raffle is going to be December 10th at 2pm. You can get tickets at

Tim's birthday is the 26th of November and Noah's birthday is December 1st. We will be celebrating them both on Sunday the 26th.

The items in the registry can be group purchases instead of just a single person purchasing it all if anyone is wanting to do that.

We are also still trying to raise the money to pay the vet for Eldorados surgery and the geldings of them all. That is at I think we still owe the vet around $3,000. We are so thankful for all of the help with that.

We will see you all around 7pm. ❤️🥰❤️


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