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Buck is home

Hello everyone today has been a weird day. We finished the two foaling stalls this afternoon. We moved Isadora and Tia into the foaling stalls. We moved Diosa into Tia's old stall and the two Mini's into the two stalls in the back. Then we went to pick up Buck and he went into the first stall where the minis were. We moved some stuff around outside and went to tractor supply to pick up some special food for Buck. We came home and planned to go live however after we got home we had a family emergency and had to leave out again to go take care of some stuff. Thank God everything worked out and everyone is safe 🙏 but it's now 10:30 and we are both mentally and physically exhausted. I know everyone wants to meet Buck and we want you all to meet him but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Please pray for all of us around here and we will go live tomorrow and probably spend all day or at least most of the day with y'all. 💕 ❤️

Don't forget about the raffle tomorrow!!


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He’s beautiful


Heather, does he remember you? Hope has made a connection already. ❤️❤️

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He is beautiful !!


He’s so handsome. Bless him . Glad he’s home 🙏🏼💛✨ {Danielle} I use my middle name on Tik Tok


So glad you have your baby home with you! We’re praying for you all ❤️🙏🏻🫶


He’s so handsome!!

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