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Cameras and Farm Update

We are experiencing an issue with our cameras working on a mobile device from the spaces by wix app. Currently, they are working on a computer/ laptop and on a mobile browser such as chrome, firefox and safari. We are in contact with our vendor trying to get the issue resolve. If you go to this link in your mobile browser you should have access. Https:// it appears to be working on mobile browsers just not the spaces app. Might be fixed by now. I'm sure they are working on it.

Also, we received the comparison DNA back on the rescue mare, and unfortunately, she is not registered and cannot be registered with the Paso Fino Horse Association. There were no parental matches on file. We might try to see if we can find out what breed she is(she could still be Paso Fino and her parents were not registered) however at this point it doesn't really make a difference. I still feel good that we saved her life and she is possibly in foal so we saved two lives. We have not decided if she will stay here or not which we said from the beginning before we even got her.

Biscotti, the rescue stallion is here and settling in. He was a little excited yesterday with all of his new horse friends, but he is adjusting. We do not know if he has ever been in a barn before as a lot of people in Nevada have small carport buildings for shade and a run made out of panels. We also moved Tanka and ElDorado NEXT to Biscotti yesterday. He is used to being around other male horses and seems ok with them. He was letting ElDorado chew on his nose yesterday evening through the bars. He seems to be a very good natured stallion. We moved them with the hopes that they would bond up to each other. Horses are herd animals by nature and get anxiety when they do not have another horse or their friends leave. The squealing and noises they are all making is VERY NORMAL for any horses meeting for the first time.

We did not do a live last night. Tim was worn out from his trip to get Biscotti and bring him back to SMR. We would like to thank our brother in law Jeff for going along to help with driving. Together Tim and Jeff covered 3,362 miles round trip in 56 hours and that includes fuel stops, rest stops and the loading of Biscotti and visiting with his family there in Nevada.

We moved the new chickens out of the barn. I still heard the rooster this morning but it was no where near as loud as before when they were near the camera.

Tim is gone on a field trip today with Noah to the zoo. Hopefully he will have a lot of pictures to show us and I hope they do not get rained on.

Tomorrow is DJ's birthday so if you get a chance tomorrow throughout the day or even today to wish him a happy birthday on the YouTube live I know it would make him feel special. It stays up on our living room TV 24/7.

Skyla's birthday is the 15th of next month and Hope just had a birthday. They all 3 passed school with all As & Bs and we are so very proud of them. Noah and Emma are still in school since they go to a different school. Anyway enjoy the pictures and we will update again later.


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