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Creeping crud and drawing cancellation.

Good morning everyone. Heather here, handing out the bad news. The drawing for today has been cancelled. We did not make enough to cover the cost of 3 cups but the main reason is because Tim is VERY sick. He says he has never felt this bad in his whole life. He has been in bed for 2 days straight. He's drinking a lot of water but has barely eaten anything in the last 36 hours. (Covid test was negative) I personally think he might have the flu but without a test we don't know. Noah felt better yesterday but feels bad again today. Emma is now coughing and has a stopped up nose. I have a headache and feel kinda yucky but im ok so far. I think everyone else is ok and I pray it stays that way. We have been using the PEMF machine to help our bodies heal themselves.

I'm sorry about the drawing y'all. Maybe if Tim feels better tomorrow we can do a treat live. It really just all depends on how quickly this mess leaves our house. We appreciate all of the prayers, good thoughts and good vibes our way. We love y'all. ❤️🥰


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