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Diosa de Mandato

Diosa de Mandato was born April 28, 2006. She was born in Virginia and her mother was Cantaletera de United and her father was Mandato de La Luisa. Diosa was born a true hermaphrodite, and had to undergo a surgical procedure to remove two testicles wrapped around her ovaries. Therefore, Diosa is unable to have offspring. Before her surgery, Diosa was at the point that she had been written off by trainers. But her owner, at that time, would not give up on her, and sought out the help of university veterinarians. Diosa went on to have a wonderful show career in the Fino class, and continues today in that class. Although at her age not as competitive in the tighter gait, she still does well in the show arena. She is now training and working towards showing in both the performance and pleasure classes.

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