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Directa BF

Directa was born January 5, 2009 in the state of Florida. Her father is Mercenario de La Vitrina and her mother is Reposeida del Conde. Both her mother and father are bay in color. Directa moved to Tennessee as a foal to live at her home at Branstetter Paso Finos in Williston, Tn for many years. She moved to SMR in the fall of 2019.

Directa is a fierce competitor and has been a showing both performance and pleasure classes on the Paso Fino Show Circuit. For the past 6 years she has been mainly shown by Tim. Over her show career she has won several Paso Fino Championships in both Performance and Pleasure classes. She has competed in both adult and youth classes on the local, regional and national levels. Over her show career she has amassed 402 show points in adult classes and 112 points in youth classes. She is an extraordinary horse who gives her all every time she competes.

Directa has had 3 foals with her first being a beautiful buckskin colt who died at birth in 2018. She was rebred to the same stallion, Valdez de la Milagros, and had her second foal April 28, 2019, a little buckskin filly who we all know as Mia BF. She was then bred to Valdez a third time and had a handsome colt November 9, 2020 named Perfecto Espiritu de Valdez, who we all know as Perfecto.

Directa retired from showing this summer after being diagnosed with Degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis, commonly referred to as DSLD. Because of this disease she cannot be ridden or bred, since doing so can make her disease progress at a faster pace. Although, she can‘t be ridden or bred, we believe she would be a great candidate for our Equine Assisted Therapy Program(EAT) for non riding Equine Assisted Psychotherapy(EAP). She is such a loving horse that enjoys being around both adults and children. In fact, she is probably one of our most loving horses. Because of this, she will start training for EAP this fall at SMR.

Directa will live out her life at SMR being pampered and loved for the beautiful creature she has become in her fantastic life.


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