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Happy 4th with SMR & Perfecto

Happy 4th of July to everyone. Perfecto here and I just wanted to say that mom, dad, the other animals, all the horses and I hope you are having a safe holiday with your family. We have a lot going on at the farm today with lots of visitors. I heard mom and dad talking and they said that a lot of family and friends are coming over. Out of privacy, the sound will be off on all cameras until after everyone leaves. I am kind of embarrassed because I didn’t know there was sound and that everyone could hear me playing with my toys. Mom and dad have been really busy the past week, getting hay for us horses. I heard them say that they only have about a third of what they need to get through the entire year. I also heard dad talking on the phone and he said that we are in a drought and have not had any significant rain in two months. It rained yesterday for about 5 minutes and it was still dusty when I went out to the paddock afterwards. Dad said that with the cost of fuel and the drought, hay is going to be really short this year making the prices go way up. I heard him say that people were already charging over $10 for a 50 pound square bales and anywhere from $70 to $100 a piece for 1000 pound round rolls and if we don’t get rain it could be worse. He said he was considering doing a rain dance. I am not sure what all that means, but it sounded serious when he was talking. I also heard from Ella that dad and mom said they were going to do last Thursdays treats tonight. That is exciting to me because I love treats and hugs. But I especially love to bow for everyone. If you want to send me treats tonight or give me a hug, you can do that at I guess the other horses can have them too because I don’t want to be stingy. Mom said we are going to go live for the treat drive at 8:30 pm. Have a great 4th


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