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Horse Talk and Treats

Tonight we are going to do our treat drive and horse talk starting around 7:45. If you would like to get treats, hugs or bows for your favorite horse you can at also, tonights free treat code is halloween and will allow you to give one treat to your favorite horse. These treats are limited to one per person and to the first 35 people. Just use the code in the promo code section at check out. We also will be having the make up raffle this Sunday at 3 pm cst and you can get tickets at we have some exciting new items and new tumblers this week. We are also working on a 2023 calendar and hope to have it ready soon. We are still not fully recovered here but are in the mend. Hopefully everything will get back to normal soon. Love you all and thank you for all the prayera for our family.

See you tonight,

Tim and Heather

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