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Illinois State Fair Horse Show

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Sunday 8/21

Good Morning we are traveling home, but will send raffle numbers as soon as we get home. If you haven’t got tickets yet, you still have time. We will extend the time to get tickets until 3 pm. You can get tickets at also, we are going to have a treat drive immediately following the raffle and will do the treats from last week as well as any new ones. Thank you all for watching the lives this week. We really enjoyed meeting some of you in person as well. Have a blessed day,

Tim and Heather

Saturday 8/20

Good Morning, the tumblers for tomorrow’s raffle are done. There are pictures of them below. They turned out wonderfully and we will also have some surprise gifts that we are drawing for as well. If you haven’t got tickets yet you can get them at Today’s show at the Illinois State Fair will be in the afternoon. We will go live after 12:30 pm cst. Both Ignacia and Sugar will be participating today. We will send out an update on the riders later today. Mia will not be showing today and Diosa will not be showing.  Diosa does not have any classes left that she can show in at this show. We are looking forward to a good show today.  Have a great day!

Friday 8/19

Good Morning Babies from the show. We had a good day yesterday and hope to have a better one today. Last nights live went good until we got to the barn and then the signal kept freezing and we finally lost it. Because of that we are going to do a treat drive Sunday after the raffle. We are going to start the raffle on Sunday at 5 pm. Some of the tumblers we are getting ready are below. You can get your tickets at and you can get them up until 2 pm on Sunday. We will be traveling back on Sunday morning and will send ticket numbers as soon as possible.

Today’s show will start for Tim and Diosa around 1 pm and the evening show for Tim/Ignacia and Heather/Sugar will be the second class so right around 6:30 pm then Hope/Sugar will be 5 classes after us. The lives seem to go good from the arena so it should be a fun night. We had some great visitors yesterday and if you are in the area stop by today. We are having a fun time at the Illinois State Fair. But we haven’t had a funnel cake or fried oreos yet😊 😋. Have a blessed day!

Tim, Heather, Hope, Taylor and the babies

Thursday 8/18

Good Morning from the beautiful Illinois State Fair. We hope everyone is having a great day. We are getting ready for our classes which start this evening at 6:30. We will be going live this afternoon so everyone can watch. The weather is great and the horses are feeling good. Blessings to all.

Tim, Heather, Hope and Taylor

Wednesday 8/17

Well we made it to the fairgrounds and got the horses settled. We walked around a bit and got a bite to eat. We are now trying to get everything setup for the show. We hope you are having a wonderful day. We will be going live starting tomorrow and we may go live later tonight. If you have not got your tickets for this Sunday’s raffle, you can get them at you can get tickets until 3pm on Sunday. The raffle will begin around 5 pm on Sunday. We will be having a treat drive tomorrow and will do treats here for the horses that are here and we will do the others following the raffle on Sunday. If you have treats for yesterday or tomorrow for horses at the house, they will be done on Sunday. We hope you have a blessed evening. Thank you again.

Tim and Heather


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