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Live Today 11/20

We will be going live in about 30 minutes from the fire. We will be doing treats hugs and bows today. You can get them at Also don't forget our Dirty Raffle next Sunday at 3 pm. You can get tickets for it at all proceeds from our raffle are going to our fence fund. We are projecting we need about two hundred wood posts for the fencing and we have an opportunity to get some at a great price but will have to buy them all at one time. So we are redirecting our efforts to get the fencing done so the babies can go back out sooner rather than later. Tim went to the cardiologist on Friday. They took him off his blood pressure medication and prescribed a different beta blocker. They are not sure what is causing his bp and pulse fluctuations but they took lots of blood to run tests and scheduled ultrasounds and stress tests for Dec 7th and a carotid artery ultrasound for Dec 28th. Please pray for him and our family. Right now he was told to take it easier than his normal routine. Anyone who wants to donate directly to the fence fund, can do so own our webpage. We have a yellow donate button there. Also, our Airbnb is up and running and the link is here Below are some pictures of what we have been planning for a while but for now we are going to use the horse trailer for now instead. We have also included pictures of our Airbnb. We have so many other projects to finish up and this relieves us of one for now. We hope to see you all on the live. Much Love,

Heather and Tim

Airbnb below


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