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PEMF Machine Fundraiser (Final results)


Final drawings

9/1 @ 10:37

Good morning everyone, Tim and Heather here. We are about to start doing calendars for the PEMF machine fundraiser. You are still able to purchase calendars throughout the month, however you will only be entered from the date you purchase your calendar. All winners will have their entries placed back in so they have up to 30 chances to win. We will update the amount we are at on the blog. Thank you all so much for going on this journey with us!

Thank you so much!

Get calendars for PEMF machine fundraiser starting 9/1 through Sept 30th:

Donations towards PEMF machine:


Please please pray that we can get a sponsorship on a PEMF Machine. Prayers work. Believe me I see it all the time. I fully believe that all of your prayers last night is what helped Tia today. She actually walked like a normal horse this afternoon and it was sooo sweet. However the vet said that a PEMF treatment would definitely help her heal faster. Yes she said HEAL. SO KEEP PRAYING. OUR GOD IS AWESOME! Love y’all!

**If we missed something you donated to the fundraiser please let us know.

***If you sponsored an item already sponsored we put you under a different item/items needing to be sponsored.


Smooth Moves Ranch is trying to purchase a PEMF Machine. We feel like this is a good purchase because right now we have 6 horses who actually need this treatment(Tia, Isadora,Diosa, Ignacia, Directa and Contessa) and more who it would be beneficial to as a spot treatment here and there. I could use it on myself for pain as well as bringing in income for the farm by helping other animals and people outside of SMR. Purchasing a PEMF Machine is a big decision although not a new idea. Tim told me over a year ago that he thought I should become certified to do this type of therapy. At the time though I was working 45-50 hours a week while helping on the ranch and the thought seemed a little overwhelming. However now I am not working and we could certainly use the income for paying bills and getting caught up or ahead/out of debt would be nice. Our vision is to share our experiences, with our TikTok family and to go live while doing the treatments on the horses as we can. We may not be able to do that every day but we can try. I am sure that each of you enjoy seeing how much these treatments relax and transform these babies each time we have shared them getting them.

I would personally love to share before/after experiences of all of the horses, animals or people that we help if they are willing. I’ve seen what the PEMF therapy can do and I believe 100% in it as a treatment for many different ailments. I hope you can see this vision and you can come along with us on this journey. We are trying to raise the money for Prizes as well as the machine itself. The Magnawave company has an equine business bundle that cost $12,990 plus $300 Insured shipping. This bundle comes with everything you would need for working on horses. (Except for the hose covers. They are separate. They help keep the hoses from getting dirty and messed up while laying in the dirt)

I will do daily updates here on this page as to where we are with the Fundraiser. If you would like to get one calendar or 100 calendars you can do so under ranch gear for $40. If you want to just donate towards the machine and not get calendars we understand and appreciate that as well. We will use all donations to fill the gift sponsorships first and then towards the purchase of the machine.(Nothing is too small.)

We are so thankful for each of you. The love and bond we feel with our TikTok family is really amazing. I never would have thought that other people can love our babies as much as we do but we see it every day. In your support, comments, gifts, letters, testimonies, friendships and most importantly your thoughts and prayers. SMR is truly a family, a safe place, a place of healing, hope, love, relaxation, peace, friendships, nostalgia, memories of the past for some, dreams for the future for others. Whatever SMR is to you we pray it brings a smile to you face and warms your heart and we are glad you are here. Tim and I love each of you. We pray for you, cry with you when needed, definitely laugh with you and just truly appreciate you all. We are just like you. Two regular people who have a life time of experiences, ailments, hopes and fears. YOU all make us feel special and loved. You make us feel like together we can do or accomplish anything. The truth is if it wasn’t for you all and you pushing us and believing in us we wouldn’t be who or where we are now. We are who we are because of all of you believing in us, affirming our goals and standing by and with us telling us “you got this” or “we will help you” or even “you are on the right path, keep pushing and you will get there”. I don’t think you all realize how much YOU INSPIRE US. We really do love and appreciate you so much. Ok this is supposed to be about Magnawave so I need to stop, go dry my eyes and get busy. I may have got carried away but it’s the truth and I wanted you to know how much we care about you all.

You’re re part of our family.

Together we are SMR. ❤️

Love, Heather and Tim


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Claudia Cutter
Claudia Cutter
06 de set. de 2022

Good Evening I just a donation for the magnawave. If we donate for a mw session for Tia how soon can that happe?


Did you receive my donation? Don't see it posted. Under Kelley Davis or Montana Rain (.


I just noticed I don't have a ticket number next to my name. 😞

Respondendo a

It looks like you are number 392 I see it for a Heather T


Just bought a ticket for the magnawave!!


I'm going to say something that may not make everyone happy but I think you need to take funds from the barn and arena to buy magnawave. This investment will make you money and can help build the barn fund back up. You also need to be able to treat your horses as soon as possible. I think everything goes to magnawave.

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What about a GoFundMe?

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