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May 16th Treat drive

Hello everyone we are going live on TikTok. We are going to try to get an earlier start on the treat drive today because I know we sometimes talk for a while. If you would like to get treats hugs and bows for the horses(that know how or are able to) you can get them at

Everything from the treat drives help to support the ranch and the animals food and supplements. I hope everyone knows how much your support is needed and appreciated.

Speaking of supplements we go through a LOT of supplements. If anyone wants to get something for the horses but you don't know what to get. I will give you a list of what all we use. Just one of each of these for just one horse would be a few hundred dollars. However there is not one supplement that we give to just one horse.

1)Red cell pellets-all horses get(we just ran out)

2)Multi-fly-All horses get( we have enough for a month or two)

3)Quitt(stops chewing) give to two of the horses

4)Vitamin B-12 by Horse Health Products-6 horses get(we just ran out)

5)Jeremiah's ulcer repulser-3 horses

6) Grow Colt by Farnam-3 get it(about to be 3 more)(have enough for 2.5 weeks)

7) Corta Flex pellets joint supplement-9 horses get this have enough for another few weeks

8)U-Guard pellets-3 horses get this.(just ran out)

9) Sho Glow for skin and coat-all horses get it (we have some still for another couple months)

10) Maxi-Glo Rice bran granuals -2 horses on this

11) Calf Mana pallets- 4 horses are on this

12)We also go through about a gallon of fly spray a week(or more)( we like Endure or Pyranha wipe N' Spray or horse and pony but honestly any is appreciated)

13) Treats - we still have some purina carb conscious and some Apple and oats treats but we have been out of their favorite treats the Purina Nicker Makers for a while now.

14)we also give garlic, turmeric, pepper and cinnamon and some of the other herbs that we had for sweet Buck to various horses.

I'm thinking about adding the goats, donkeys and cows on to the list as a separate thing but not individually. Just in general. Whoever comes to the gates get treats. What do y'all think?

Also on You tube I asked y'all to share with us your all time favorite SMR Videos to us here through our website chat or in the group on but a message would be best. We want to re-share some of the oldie but goodies with all of the new SMR people/family. So send us YOUR favorites from the past and we will pick the ones we get the most of to re post with everyone.

Sweet Perfeco is still at the trainers and doing really good. He will most likely be there for another month or two and then we really hope to send Mia and then Rosa or Sundance. Training cost $750-800 a month and we appreciate everyone who has pitched in on that. I can't wait to see how amazing these babies will be. They are all special and amazing in their own ways.

Tomorrow is Prince ElDorado's Birthday!! Can you believe he will be ONE already?!? Time sure has flown by. Before we know it Sabado will be turning one as well.

It is so fun to watch these babies grow into their own personalities. It really is a blessing having charge over these animals. Overwhelming at times but when I stop and think about it we are so blessed to be able to have them in our lives. Not just the horses but all of them. I know I'm getting sappy so I will send this and then meet y'all on the live after you get the treats you want to get for the babies. ❤️


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