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Raffle Sunday

Our next raffle will be Sunday July 24th at 6 pm cst. Later start because we will be live from the show in Louisiana. We have some great tumblers being made and some surprise new merchandise. It should be a lot of fun and this is just a standard raffle. We will select an item, draw a ticket and call a winner. Tickets are a donation or $2 each, 13 for $25, 30 for $50 or 60 for $100 and you can get them at  Don’t forget we have a sale going on both our merchandise sites at and at

For a limited time, use promo code “summer2022” for 10% off at checkout. Also, Tia is improving but it is a very slow process. Thank you for all the prayers and messages checking on her. Have a wonderful evening and we will see you tomorrow on live.

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