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Sunday Update

We just wanted to give everyone an update on the fundraising for Buck's surgery.  Currently, as of the time of this announcement, we have raised $1890 of the  approximately $4000 needed.   If you would like to donate, Venmo donations are preferred since paypal takes part of the donation.  The venmo we are using for this is @HeatherMartinSMR  we also can accept cashapp at $smoothmovesranch or you can donate through paypal Donate We got the new foaling stall cameras up and on the website.  We still have to update the spaces app, but the mobile site and browser site are working correctly. You can check out the cameras at We are getting really excited about foal watch. We hope you are getting just as excited.  We hope to have foal watch shirts available soon.  As well as

#SMRBUCKSTRONG braclets to help raise money for Buck's care.  Keep an eye out for more lives and more updates.  Coming soon....Daily Turnouts.  Blessing to everyone and much love,

Tim and Heather


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