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Thursday Live Update

Good afternoon. This evening we will be going live at around 6:30 pm to do our Thursday Treats, Hugs and Bows. We will also be doing our Hearts for Horses Challenge. Currently, Sabado is leading with 12, Sugar is 2nd with 9 and Draco, Dolly and ElDorado each have 8. The other totals are listed below. If you want to get treats or hearts, you can get them at  We now have 4 puppies left. Three females and one male. We have decided to breed Uno and Mira this year for 2025 foals at SMR and they will be going to the breeder fairly soon. We still plan to breed Isadora but not now, as we feel three at once is too much. As many of you know, Mia and Tanka were purchased and scheduled to leave in March. There have been a few changes to the plan. Mia was purchased for the owners spouse to ride. In conversations with her owners we have decided that she will be too much horse for that person to ride. Although, they still own Mia, she will not be leaving in March. However, she will be offered for sale and will reside here until sold. In addition, after multiple conversations and videos, they have decided to purchase Sugar, along with Gitana. So Tanka, Sugar and Gitana are tentatively leaving on March 20th. Heather and myself will be taking them to their new home. This is not a fault of Mia, she is just very powerful and we believe that she needs a more experienced rider and the owners agree. She is 100 percent an awesome horse and they really like her a lot but they each need a horse to ride and they need a third for children to ride as well and Mia just does not fit that bill. I am sure there will be tons of questions on the live, but we will not talk about price or specifics in regards to their decision or ours for that matter. We are doing what we feel is best for our farm, and our family. If someone is seriously interested in Mia, please contact us via our website. As of now Rosa is the only other horse we have currently that is for sale. She is progressing very well under saddle and if someone is interested in her please let us know. We know that many people will not understand our decisions, but after many conversations and lots of prayer, this is what is best for not only these horses but our farm and family. We hope that you are all having a wonderful week. We will see you this evening on the live.

Blessings And Good Vibes,


March Hearts for Horses

Tanka (2)

  • Yvonne M. - 1

  • Rick W. - 1

Mia (1)

  • Yvonne M. - 1

ElDorado (8)

  • Paulette D. - 8

Directa (1)

  • Christina P. - 2

Moonshine (2)

  • Lee H. - 2

  • Deborah K. - 3

Sabado (12)

  • Lauren K. - 4

  • Cher S. - 2

  • Jan I. - 3

  • Theresa M. - 1

  • Dolly B. - 1

  • Megan S. - 1

Perfecto (2)

  • Linda M. 1

  • Cher S. - 1

Sugar (9)

  • Kelly M. - 1

  • Dana Y. - 2

  • Wendy B. - 2

  • Melinda N. - 4

Draco (8)

  • April A. - 6

  • Bernadette R. - 2

Dolly (8)

  • Beverly W. - 1

  • Laurie S. - 2

  • Lori B. - 3

  • Lynn P. - 2

Tia (3)

  • Dinah M. - 1

  • Wanda H. - 1

  • Shelly B. - 1

Diosa (3)

  • Fiona S. - 1

  • Laurie S. - 2

Isadora (2)

  • Connie D. - 2

Contessa (4)

  • Tango E. - 3

  • Ashley H. - 1

Ella (4)

  • Lori B. - 4

  • Linda M. - 1

  • Traci S.  - 1

Tison (4)

  • Lynn P. - 3

  • Janeth R. - 1

Gitana (2)

  • Lori B. - 1

  • Yvonne M. - 1

Uno (1)

  • Lori B. - 1

Rosa (1)

  • Yvonne M. - 1


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