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7/15 Tia and the vet-UPDATE!

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

The vet came here and we wanted to give an update on Tia. We have soaked her leg in ice today and the vet took x-rays, and did blood work. She put pads on her as well as gave her medicine. She has slightly foundered and does have a slight downward rotation of the cofer bone. She foundered in the past as well. The foundering was not caused from her feet trims or from green grass(we do not have any right now due to the drought) or from the low carb/ low sugar treats that she gets. If that was the case her sugar would have been high today the day after the treat drive. They were not high they were within normal range. She will most likely be on long term anti-inflammatory medication, medicine to keep her from getting ulcers from the other medicine and will have to have ice baths for the next few days. She is currently on Regamate for her her pregnancy, 2 joint supplements, 1 metabolic supplement, 1 metabolic medicine(which the vet said we could cut in half if we want to because her sugar levels were so good and we want her to gain a little weight), an anti-inflammatory medicine, and one to protect from ulcers. Needless to say it is quite expensive for all of the medicine and supplements but our Tia is so worth it. The vet said that she would benefit from padded boots that can be taken on and off so we can do more frequent trims to make her more comfortable

, ice baths and anything else that will help her. We will have to measure her feet to see what size boots she needs. She also said that Tia is a very good weight. She said that she could stand to gain about 50 pounds but she is fine the way she is now considering her condition. We will be lowering down her one med that makes her not want to eat and she said we could try and see how she does on that lower dose. She said we can add some corn oil to her food to add calories/weight without adding food that could exasperate her founder. The vet said she is fine to keep her pregnancy and she did not seem concerned about that at this time. (As much as Tim and I want a baby out of Tia we do not want her to hurt or suffer from the extra weight of a baby so we will do everything we can to get this under control before she gets bigger) I believe if we continue to treat her and monitor her closely she will be ok.

Leah had to reschedule the magnawave until Monday. I told her if she found time before then to let us know. (Maybe by then we might be able to get Ignacia a magnawave as well) We think this will help Tia a LOT and look forward to the results from the Magnawave.

We appreciate all of your support, love and prayers. People have sent messages about donating for Tia's medical, and you can do that at our website with the yellow donate button. Tia needs your prayers and we love just how much you all love our babies like your own. After all, we are one big family at SMR. I think we have the website issue fixed (It was as simple as us logging out and back in-Go figure!!)

Feel free to keep watch on Tia thru the cameras here on our site. She is on the camera for Draco’s stall in the front barn.

Thank you all so much,

Tim and Heather


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This morning's TT showed a more relaxed, happier Tia ~ power of prayer & excellent care ❤


Praying for Tia when I heard about her my heart just drop but God answered prayer 🙏 🙌 ❤️ @


I know Tia herself I pick the right people to have me as their baby I’ll assassin prayers and love and whatever you need the prayers and love and thoughts we’re here for you get well soon


Laura Maxwell
Laura Maxwell
16 juil. 2022

Thank you for the thorough update! I just love Tia and I want her to be okay, especially with the baby coming. She’s in good hands and I know that you are monitoring her closely. Love and prayers to Tia and you all.


Prayers for Tia

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