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Treats bows and hugs with Ignacia

Hello all, Ignacia here and I am not too happy. You will see tonight on the live at 7:30 pm. But I will give you the low down. Apparently, mom and dad thought that Contessa and Gitana needed to be away from the babies so they could work with them. Well you won't believe this but they put me in the front of the barn next to Perfecto. He really is getting on my nerves. They brought Directa up here too but still, Perfecto keeps making googling eyes at me and I don't like that. I am old enough to be his grand mother. I don't know what he is thinking. Also, dad built Tison a new stall and even put a window in his door. That is just too cool. Anyway, tonight is treat night and I can't wait to eat some yummy treats. If you want to get treats for your me or any other horse, you can get them at Mom and dad have been working hard all day and I heard them talking about getting wire so that they can fence the back pasture and have a place for us to go out while the front pasture is being redone. They said they are going to have to get 4000 ft of wire just for the back and front pasture. They are always thinking of ways to make us happy. I don't mind staying inside but I know the younger ones line going out. Well we have to get ready for treats but we will see y'all on the live. We hope you will all join us.