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Treats, fencing and Barn Building with Dolly 🐴

Hello everyone, Dolly here. Tim and Heather said that I get to tell a story today for the treat drive. They said it make the most sense because I’m the newest horse in the barn. Im also the oldest horse now as well. I am somewhere between 27-32 years old. No one seems to know exactly and I haven’t been keeping up with my birthdays.  I do know it is hard for me to eat sometimes because I chew slower. Maybe because my teeth need to be floated or because I’m missing teeth or a combination of both of those thing. For those of you that don’t know what floating a horses teeth is I will tell you. As horses eat they grind their food side to side. Horses teeth grow slowly their whole lives.  (That is where the saying, “long in the tooth” comes from. It means old) Sometimes their teeth get sharp points or hooks on them as they chew and an equine dentist or a vet has to take a file and file the points off of their teeth. That way the teeth are level and do not cause pain, cuts or lacerations in our mouths.  Well all of that to say I don’t eat as fast as the young’uns. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to eat though. Just the opposite, Mr Tison thought he was gonna take my treats yesterday and I put him in his place. I showed him just because I’m old doesn’t mean I can’t move. Besides that Heather has been giving me PEMF treatments. and I’m feeling a little better these days. So Tim said to keep me and Tison from fighting over treats they would add me to the treat list on the website. Heather said a bunch of people have been asking for that anyways. Tim said I would get to go first so I could have time to chew my treats throughout the treat drive.  This makes me so happy.

Tim also asked me to let everyone know that Mr Jamie called yesterday. Mr Jamie is the guy who owns the sawmill we get our wood from. He is trying to clear out some of the smaller logs he has. He offered SMR boards under 10.5 feet at 40% off right now, if we needed them. Tim said we need some shorter boards to finish out the current walls in the back stalls and we also need 100- 10foot 2x4’s for purlins on the roof of the new coming section of the barn. (We just got the rafters, last month for the new section when he had a sale) So besides 9-6x6 post we still need, this would complete the wood for the roof of the back section that will contain the foaling stalls, tack room, feed room & wash bay. I will be happy when us horses have a wash bay so I can take a warm bath. I really need one. 😳

We know this is horrible timing right here at Christmas as well as when we are trying to get fencing bought. It’s also such a great deal for stuff we need anyways. Tim thinks we should temporarily switch from buying the fencing and try to at least get what wood we can while we have this opportunity and it’s on sale. So that is the plan right now.

Tim said to tell you all not to worry as we are still going to be working on the fencing with what we already have!

If anyone wants to give towards the boards the best place would be on our Venmo @SMR-fundraising or on the website there is an option to purchase a board. Remember for every board you purchase on the site we would actually be getting almost, but not quite, two boards.(40% off) You can still purchase the 48" no climb horse fencing straight from tractor supply as well if you prefer that. Let them know Tim would be picking it up at the Holly Springs, Ms Tractor Supply location. Don't forget to send us a copy of the order so we know to go pick it up.

If you are not able to purchase boards or fencing would you please take a few minutes and stop and pray for all of us at Smooth Moves Ranch including us animals, Tim, Heather and all 12 Human kids both living with us and those already grown and living elsewhere and our extended family.  As always SMR loves and appreciates the love and support from all of you. We also pray for you and your families. We pray that you all have a blessed and Merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year to come.

Love you already, Dolly, Tim and Heather


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