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Treats, hugs and bows

Good Evening everyone, Tim here.  Well all the horses are protesting writing a story tonight because they really wanted to have the treat drive last night.  I told them sometimes we have a lot to do and that it doesn’t always work out to have the treat drive on a certain day.  I explained to them that we are trying to get everything ready for the kids this week. We have been extremely busy but we will be going live tonight for the treat drive.  I hope that will cheer up the babies today. Lol Draco tried to tell me he was wasting away 🤣🤣 Anyway if you would like to give treats,  hugs or bows, you can get them at

Also, don’t forget we have our dirty giveaway drawing this Sunday at 4pm. You can get your tickets at

With a dirty drawing, we draw a ticket and if we draw you, you pick a prize. The next person has the option to steal your item or pick an item. Each item can only be stolen twice and the first person who is drawn has the option at the end to keep their prize or steal any available prize. We will start tonights live around 7 pm cst.  See y’all then.

God Bless and Good Vibes,