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Treats Hugs and Bows with Draco

Hello all Draco here and tonight is my favorite day. Treat night!!!! đŸ€€ Well second favorite, my first is Pear 🍐 Day! I think there should be a National Treat Day once a month. If you add that to regular treat days that would be awesome! I love to eat, after all I am not called wide load for nothing. Well dad and mom said that we have to get in to winterization mode quickly. We have a freeze warning for

Wednesday night. I don't think they know us horses can grow a winter coat really fast. But if you want to get us treats, you can. Did you know that hay and forage helps us to stay warm through digestion. That is why I eat so much because it is so cold here and all. I have plenty of insulation but I think I may need more. You can get treats at and please get them early if you can because mom and dad have friends coming in tonight too. They are going to start the live around 7:30 pm so until then, I will be dreaming about pears. Peace snd much love to you all.

Draco Black


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